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Team Ruiz Fighter Management (TRFM) is a World-Class MMA / Boxing Management and
Marketing firm.  TRFM is specializing in todays world's fastest growing sport; Mixed Martial
Arts (MMA) and one of the oldest and most difficult sports in the world; Boxing. We offer
exceptional  support and service to each and everyone of our clients.

We bestow our time to our fighters and assist them in the entire Management aspect from
negotiating fights, obtaining sponsors, branding,  licensing compliance, and getting them the
exposure they need to boost their careers and take it to the next level.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality representation and management to athletes who
want to maximize their potential in or out of the cage/ring.

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Team Ruiz Fighter Management Means:
Integrity * Commitment * Quality * Dedication
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Contract Negotiations>
Leveraging with years of industry
expertise, TRFM excels in
negotiating outstanding contracts
for our elite MMA athletes.  We
integrate our vast knowledge and
experience with the client’s
personal goals to ensure their
interests are protected during their
ascent to the top. The proactive yet
practical negotiating approach
employed by TRFM has earned us
the respect of top sponsors and
promoters in the Mixed Martial
Arts realm.
For mixed MMA fighters, getting
backing from quality sponsors can
mean the difference between
simply getting by and prospering.  
TRFM maintains strong working
relationships with some of the
world’s premier brands, making us
uniquely positioned to secure
coveted sponsorships for our
athletes.  Our expertise in strategic
career management enables us to
match our clients with
opportunities that generate
recurring revenue and support
long-term career growth.
For MMA fighters, cultivating a
compelling brand is key to
successful sponsorships, favorable
public perception, and overall
career longevity.  TRFM employs
highly individualized, cross-
channel media strategies designed
to engage fans, promoters and
sponsors alike.  From traditional
PR opportunities to social media,
our brand development efforts
foster a positive athlete-audience
connection—and create powerful
differentiation from the
"You're not just a Client, you become Family"